Relaxation during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Techniques of relaxation involve simple breathing exercises which, together with relaxation of the body, can give greater control over your emotions. 

During this time when we are not able to run our classes at the LJMC, we will be updating this page regularly with resources and exercises you can use at home to help you.

Practise at home

The most effective way of managing stress and anxiety is to make time for yourself and practise calming exercises regularly. We've produced a number of publications that you may find helpful:

PI83 Relaxation and breathing exercises Relaxation and breathing exercises (PI83): Techniques to help you manage stress

HHC313 Breathing space Breathing space: Being mindful of your breath (HHC313): an easy five minute practice

HHC316 Using your senses to calm yourself Using your senses to calm yourself (HHC316) : simple ways to use your senses to create a calm environment and help you when things get tough.

HHC213 Coping with anxiety Coping with anxiety (HHC213): ways to help you cope with anxiety and sources of help


Calming and relaxing movement

Some people find that gentle exercise is a good way to relax. We've put together some resources which you may find helpful.

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Telephone support

We are offering a guided relaxation service via telephone with breathing, visualisation, concentration techniques and body-focused relaxation techniques.

These techniques focus on helping you find ways to cope a bit more with the stresses you are facing, with the key emphasis​ on self help support. 

The therapist will be led by each your individual needs

You may particularly benefit if you: ​

  • are ​newly diagnosed and/or awaiting treatment​​
  • ​need support to cope with challenging treatments 
  • ​need support to help you complete treatment
  • ​need support once your treatment has been completed

 Please call the helpline for more details and to make an appointment.



Last updated: May 19, 2020

Relaxation - a CD specially recorded for the LJMC


This CD was specially recorded for the LJMC by our relaxation therapist, Ann Weston, with original music by Steph West.

You can listen by clicking the button below:

Relaxation 1


Gentle movement can aid relaxation

Gentle exercise can aid relaxation. Have a look at some resources which might help you.