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Counselling nearer home: finding a local therapist

If you have finished your sessions at the LJMC, or if it is not convenient for you to come to the LJMC for counselling, you may wish to find a therapist in your local area.

The term 'therapist' includes counsellors, art therapists, psychotherapists and psychologists. Independent therapists can provide flexibility by offering:

  • appointments at evenings and weekends
  • specialist experience of working with cancer-related issues
  • availability to people not currently eligible to therapies at the LJMC
  • additional sessions after finishing therapy at the LJMC

Details of registered therapists in your local area may be found on the following websites which have public directories of registered therapists:


You may be able to access your Primary Care Counselling Service or other local services via a referral from your GP. You will need to discuss this with your GP.




Last updated: December 7, 2017

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