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eSMART – RCT comparing remote monitoring of toxicity during chemotherapy with standard care

ASyMS is a mobile-phone based remote-monitoring and alert system that enables real-time monitoring of patients' chemotherapy-related symptoms.

The eSMART RCT aims to compare patient reported outcomes (PROMS) and delivery of care for patients using ASyMS with those accessing the same Acute Oncology Service through the standard care pathway at each participating site.

Patients newly diagnosed with breast, haematological or colorectal cancer, and scheduled to receive at least three cycles of chemotherapy, are recruited into this multinational repeated measures, parallel-group stratified RCT.

1,108 patients will be randomised either to ASyMS or standard care. Patient demographic and clinical data is collected at baseline and standardised PROMS are completed at baseline, during each cycle of chemotherapy and every 3 months for a maximum of 12 months after chemotherapy. The primary outcome measure is the Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale.

Secondary measures include: Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General, Supportive Care Needs Survey-Short Form 34, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, Communication and Attitudinal Self-Efficacy scale for cancer, Work limitations Questionnaire, EuroQol and Client Services-Receipt Inventory.





Last updated: June 20, 2017