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Need an idea?

CupWant to organise a fundraising event for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre? Ideas and opportunities for fundraising are endless – they don’t have to be original to be successful. Give the Appeals team a call if you’d like some advice or help as we may know someone who’s done it before.

Social events

In our experience, anything involving food is usually very popular. The downside to many foodie events is that they usually involve a great deal of labour, but the opportunities for appreciation are great.

  • Quiz Supper

  • Themed evenings

  • Wine Tasting

  • Firework Party

  • Party plan events

  • Jazz Night

  • Antiques Night

  • Karaoke

  • Line Dancing

  • Safari Supper

  • Coffee Morning

  • Cheese & Wine Evening

  • Barn Dance

  • Bingo

  • Murder Mystery Evening

  • Masked Ball

  • Pudding Parties

  • Fashion Show

  • Race Night

  • Ferret Racing

  • Talent Evening

  • Dinner Dance

  • Beetle Drive

  • Bridge Evening

  • Whist Drive

  • Casino Night

  • Auction of Promises

Outdoor events

  • Duck Race

  • Fair or Fête

  • Garage/Boot Fair

  • Garden Party

  • Open Garden Day

  • Plant Sale

  • Boules Tournament

  • Football Tournament

  • Golf Day

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Balloon Race

Something to do at work

  • Mobile

    Adopt a jelly baby for the day - pay £1, look after it all day - then eat it at 5 o’clock!

  • Hold a ‘fine’ day with penalties for ‘misbehaviour’, eg, being late or your mobile ringing during meetings

  • Non-uniform or dress down day

  • Bonus Ball competition

  • Swap-a-job for the day

  • Breakout – get as far away from the office as possible in a specified time period – without being able to spend any money or break the law (fancy dress optional!)

  • Caption competition

  • Sweepstakes

A bit of luck

  • Guessing games, eg, the number of sweets in a jar, the weight of the cake or anything else that takes your imagination

  • Raffles

  • Tombola

  • Sweepstakes

Cultural events

PianoFrom carol singing to rock concerts, music and drama provide great opportunities for fundraising. How about an oratorio from scratch? A pantomime or revue? Tap into your creative side, unearth those talents and have a great time!

Retail therapy

  • Jumble sales, cake sales, plant sales, clothing swaps... the ideas are endless!

  • Speak to your local shopping mall and offer a gift wrapping service at Christmas

  • Offer to pack bags at your local supermarket

With the little ones

ClownMany of these ideas can be adapted to make them suitable for children. Add clowns, face-painting and dressing up in silly clothing and you’re half way to appealing to the younger generation.

  • Teddy Bears’ Picnic

  • Fun ‘n’ Games Day

  • Junior Disco

  • Toy Sale

Challenging yourself

Taking on a personal challenge and asking your friends and family to support you can be one of the most successful ways in which to raise funds. Whatever the challenge, your efforts deserve to be rewarded.

Of course, the greater the element of personal challenge, the more support you are likely to receive!

If traipsing round with a sponsor form seems daunting, use the Justgiving online fundraising service which will make life considerably easier.

  • Physical activity challenges, eg, running, cycling or swimming (why not enter the Stewarts Law Moor Park 10k – the LJMC’s biggest annual fundraising event?)

  • Sponsored diet

  • Sponsored head shave, or chest or leg…

  • Overseas challenge, eg, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking to Machu Picchu or cycling along the Great Wall of China.

It’s not always what you do that counts, it could be what you don’t do:

  • Don’t talk – hold a Sponsored Silence

  • Don’t smoke – give it up

  • Don’t eat chocolate



Last updated: December 20, 2012