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Awards & accolades

The LJMC has won many awards for its innovative approach to helping people affected by cancer: 

Awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark in 2015.

BMA AwardsBMA Patient Information Awards: a number of LJMC publications have received commendations in the BMA's annual Medical Book Competition. These awards aim to support and encourage patient-centred care through the production and dissemination of accessible, well-designed and clinically balanced information. 

2001 PEG tubes
2002 Neutropenia

Radiotherapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma


2004 Radical Hysterectomy (HC)
2005 Prostate brachytherapy using permanent implants

Ear acupuncture

Radiotherapy for brain tumours (HC)

2007 Gastrectomy (HC)

Cryotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer (HC)

Chemoradiation for an oesophageal cancer


2010 Radiotherapy to the breast

CyberKnife treatment for lung cancer (HC)

CyberKnife treatment to the brain

CyberKnife treatment for pancreatic cancer

CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer

2013 Now that you have started your chemotherapy (HC)
2014 Radiotherapy to the head, neck, mouth and throat (HC)



Chemoradiotherapy to the Head, Neck, Mouth and Throat
(Winner: Information Produced by NHS Trusts Award)

Cetuximab and Radiotherapy to the Head, Neck, Mouth and Throat (HC)

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2016 Radical chemoradiotherapy/radiotherapy for lung cancer (HC)

Coping, now your chemotherapy is finishing (HC)

Head & neck aftercare service (HC)

Using moxa to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy (HC)

Team Excellence Award at the annual Macmillan Professionals Awards 2013.

Novartis Cancer Charity Initiative of the Year 2012 (part of the Quality in Care Oncology awards): Shortlisted for the work to improve patients' experience prior to starting chemotherapy.

Information Standard: Achieved certification to the Information Standard in January 2011.

Beacon Status (2010): Supporting healthcare professionals in the implementation of the NHS Choices Information Prescription Service, an online tool to provide good quality information to patients at all stages of their cancer journey. Developing new ways of bringing information to patients.

TNT Partnership Awards (2002): Finalists in the competition for organisations which develop and sustain effective partnerships.

Beacon Award (1999-2001): An NHS initiative to boost the spread of good practice in service delivery and management.

NHS Nye Bevan Award (1999): for outstanding contribution to excellence and innovation in the treatment and care of patients.

Prime Minister's Commendation (1999) for demonstrating the most innovative ways of spreading best practice and information about our pioneering work within the NHS.

Foundation for Integrated Medicine (1999 and 2001): Awards for Good Practice in Integrated Healthcare: finalists.


The LJMC has also been commended for its work in a number of publications: 

"Specific areas of noted best practice were the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre where good practice is integrated into the service and supports both patients and staff."
East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

"An area of existing good practice from which the rest of the Trust could learn more." Commission for Health Improvement review of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust (2002)

"The model of good practice for supportive information" The Cancer Plan (2000)



Last updated: December 7, 2017

The LJMC achieved registration to the Information Standard in 2011

The LJMC achieved certification to the Information Standard in January 2011


The LJMC was awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark

We were delighted to be awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark