Support groups

A diagnosis of cancer may leave you feeling shocked and scared. There are many people who understand and who can help you - you don't need to struggle alone.

Support groups are usually self-help groups for people affected by cancer to share feelings and gain mutual support. They offer a range of services, such as meetings, telephone helplines, drop-in centres, home visiting, information and practical help.

They provide an opportunity to talk to people who really know what you're going through.

Local groups

There are many local groups, some of which meet at Mount Vernon Hospital. Ask your specialist nurse if there's a suitable one for you.

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Courses following treatment

We offer a range of course for patients who have finished treatment, helping them to move on with their lives.

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Stepping Stones

Monthly meetings to help cancer patients who have finished treatment to explore activities that help maintain their health and wellbeing. [more...]





Last updated: May 9, 2019